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Fueling Tourism in Western Canada

Discover West

Connecting Tourism to local opportunities

Discover West


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Growing Communities Together

Discover West Tourism is committed to empowering the local tourism industry in Alberta and British Columbia year-round. Our goal is to increase and diversify travel in these communities by Creating, Developing & Sustaining tourism.

We proudly invest in local entrepreneurs, sporting and cultural events and marketing initiatives that drive tourism to rural Alberta and British Columbia. We aim to fuel economic growth, connect communities, create jobs, inspire consumers, spur cultural growth and energize future developments. Advertise your local business and receive funding that supports your community while positioning western Canada on the destination tourism map. Join us for the ride!


Promoting The West


Promoting Local Economies

Bringing Businesses and Consumers Together

Generating Jobs

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Building Alberta's Tourism

Local businesses are the heart and soul of Alberta’s unique cultural landscape. By nurturing our roots, we contribute to fueling the dreams of local entrepreneurs and supporting the growth and prosperity of our communities.


Sponsoring Rural Destinations

Building British Columbia's Tourism

Discover West has a mission to help build and grow thriving local businesses. We will help support and advertise local businesses and entrepreneurs in marketing destination sponsorships to garner attention from here and afar. We draw on regional pride and support events, big and small. Join us as we support tourism development in western Canada.

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Help us bring communities together with the power of organized sport. Host exciting tournaments and join the Discover West Tourism team.