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Promoting Canadian Tourism


Investing in Rural Destinations

Growing Olds, Together

Discover West Tourism is committed to empowering the local tourism industry in Olds, Alberta. Our goal is to increase and diversify travel in the community by Creating, Developing & Sustaining tourism.

We proudly invest in local entrepreneurs, sporting and cultural events and marketing initiatives that drive tourism to the rural town of Olds, Alberta. We aim to fuel economic growth, connect communities, create jobs, inspire consumers, spur cultural growth and energize future developments.  Advertise your local business and receive funding that supports your community while positioning Olds on the destination tourism map.

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Tourism & Recreation

Promoting Olds, Alberta

Discover West aims to promote awareness of Olds, Alberta as a tourist destination by supporting community events and businesses – including local sporting events, rodeos, and more.

We believe in developing rural communities and their tourism by sponsoring local tourist attractions, businesses, sporting events, and charitable organizations that in turn promote the local economy.

We connect businesses and consumers within their communities while generating outside awareness of Olds through marketing campaigns and event sponsorships.

Discover West promotes employment opportunities in Olds, Alberta. Developing rural tourism generates new jobs in the industry while benefitting the local economy.

Promoting the travel industry

Building Tourism in Olds, Alberta

Local businesses are the heart and soul of Olds’ unique cultural landscape. By nurturing our roots, we contribute to fueling the dreams of local entrepreneurs and supporting the growth and prosperity of our community.

Festivals, tournaments & Activities

Olds, Alberta Sponsored Events

Navigating the Funding Landscape

Discover the Latest Funding Tips & News

Discover the best tourism funding news and tips as we explore rural travel and funding initiatives in western Canada. From supporting local communities to fueling sustainable growth, we’re your trusted source for inspiring stories, expert insights, and innovative marketing strategies.

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