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Our Mission

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Proudly Canadian and Fiercely Invested

Discover West Tourism

Our goal is to grow Western Canada's rural tourism industry

Boost Tourism in rural Alberta & British ColumbiA

Support Local events, sports, businesses and tourist attractions

small business funding to help build strong communities

Promote Tourism in Alberta
& British Columbia

The Spirit of the West is one of stretching the frontiers of what is possible, merging the bountiful land with the boundless energy of its people. Promoting the beauty of our home land and the dynamic possibilities of our communities to boost sustainable tourism will grow economic opportunities for local people and businesses.

A graphic of a map of Canada with western Canadian provinces highlighted – British Columbia and Alberta.
Three women sit in the grass at an outdoor event in Western Canada.

Support and amplify local events, sports and businesses 

A community grows and prospers when it comes together. Sponsoring local events and sports tournaments provide spaces for residents to meet, share ideas, and support local businesses. A major part of our initiative is in supporting local events, sports leagues, and tournaments to encourage these venues for interaction and community building.

Partner to build a stronger, sustainable community as a whole

Strong, sustainable communities create a sense of belonging and connection for residents. By sponsoring and supporting events that foster community building, Discover West Tourism works towards creating opportunities for positive social engagement. 

Storefronts in downtown Kelowna at Pandosy Street and West Avenue are shown during the fall months in this tourism destination.

Fiercely invested in our
people & communities  


Discover West Tourism Board

Discover West Tourism is a non-profit organization supported by the Rural Destination Development Marketing Fund. Discover West is governed by a Board with members located throughout Alberta and British Columbia, all operating in the Tourism and Hospitality sectors.