Strategies to Secure Funding for Your Charity in Prince George 

Nestled in the heart of British Columbia’s northern landscape, Prince George stands as a resilient city that embodies strength and community spirit. Charitable organizations in this dynamic urban center play an integral role in addressing local needs, enhancing community well-being, and fostering social connections. The backbone of these endeavors often lies in a crucial element: funding. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the dynamic landscape of charity funding in Prince George, exploring the channels through which the community channels its support for positive transformation.

Understanding the Funding Tapestry

Prince George’s charitable organizations weave a tapestry of funding sources, each contributing to their ability to sustain operations and create a lasting impact. The funding mosaic includes government grants, collaborations with local businesses, individual contributions, and an array of community-driven fundraising events. Through these diverse channels, non-profits, businesses, and individuals unite to support initiatives that uplift the community.

Government Grants

Government grants serve as a vital source of funding for charities in Prince George. Municipal, provincial, and federal authorities allocate resources to support initiatives aligned with community development, healthcare, education, and social well-being. Charities meticulously craft grant proposals, detailing project scopes, anticipated outcomes, and the positive impacts on the community. Successful grant applications empower these organizations to implement and sustain their programs effectively.

Local Business Partnerships

Prince George’s local business community plays a crucial role in bolstering charitable causes. Businesses extend their support through direct financial contributions, in-kind donations, and partnerships for community development projects. These collaborations reflect a shared commitment to the city’s prosperity, fostering synergies that benefit both the business and charitable sectors.

Individual Contributions

The residents of Prince George contribute significantly to the success of local charities. Whether through one-time donations, monthly pledges, or volunteer efforts, individual generosity forms an indispensable part of the funding landscape. Raising awareness about charitable initiatives and cultivating a culture of giving solidify the community’s ongoing support for these noble causes.

Community-Centric Fundraising Events

Charitable organizations in Prince George frequently organize a spectrum of fundraising events to actively engage the community. Events such as local festivals, charity walks, and community galas not only raise funds but also serve as platforms for connecting with the public, sharing success stories, and inspiring further community involvement.

Challenges and Opportunities

While Prince George’s charitable sector flourishes, it is not without its challenges. Economic fluctuations, changes in government priorities, and unforeseen events can impact funding availability. However, these challenges also present opportunities for innovative solutions, increased collaboration, and a strengthened sense of community resilience.

In conclusion, the funding landscape for charities in Prince George, British Columbia, reflects a dynamic interplay of government support, business partnerships, individual generosity, and community engagement. By navigating this landscape with dedication and creativity, charities can continue to spearhead positive change, contributing to the growth and well-being of the Prince George community. As the community rallies behind these noble causes, Prince George stands poised to create a future that is even more vibrant, connected, and prosperous for all.

How to Make Prince George a Winter Event Destination

A mixer in Kananaskis. Find how to access funding for events in Kananaskis.

With winter just around the corner, the allure of Prince George as a winter event destination becomes all the more apparent. Located in the heart of beautiful British Colombia, Prince George offers a special junction of northern charm and cultural impact, making it a perfect choice for winter event destinations.

Here are some tips on how to position Prince George as the quintessential destination for unforgettable winter events.

Know Your Market

Understanding your target audience is pivotal in attracting event organizers to Prince George. With a vibrant community spirit and a population that embraces the winter season, it appeals to those seeking an authentic and welcoming atmosphere for their events. The city’s position as a regional hub and its rich cultural offerings make it accessible to a diverse demographic. Winter events, such as festive celebrations and community gatherings, are highly anticipated in Prince George. Tailoring marketing strategies to resonate with the demographics prevalent in Prince George ensures effective outreach to your intended audience.

Showcase What Prince George Has to Offer

Prince George possesses a charm that extends beyond its snow-covered landscapes. The city is home to a thriving arts and cultural scene, with venues like The Exploration Place and Two Rivers Gallery adding to its cultural richness. Recent developments in local infrastructure have enhanced facilities, making it well-equipped to host various events. The city’s commitment to preserving its heritage and embracing winter activities adds a distinctive flavor to any winter gathering. Highlighting these amenities, along with information on local accommodations, transportation, and dining options, is essential in convincing potential attendees that Prince George has all the elements for a memorable winter event.

Internet Identity

In the digital age, a robust online presence is crucial to attract event visitors. Prospective guests researching local events to attend rely heavily on online information. Event organizers should leverage social media platforms and an engaging website to showcase its cultural offerings, winter festivals, and the unique experiences it offers. An up-to-date and easily accessible online presence ensures that those planning to attend your event can find the information they need to make Prince George their preferred winter cultural destination.

Tap into Discover West Tourism

Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) like Discover West Tourism play a crucial role in promoting rural tourism. Those planning an event can benefit from the funding and sponsorship opportunities offered. By taking actions such as increasing destination awareness, promoting the local economy, and adding to community engagement, you can maximize your event’s visibility and have the opportunity to receive specialized financial support.

Prince George’s northern charm, mixed with its cultural richness and commitment to embracing winter activities, positions it as an ideal locale for winter events. With a community that values the winter season and a location that showcases the arts and heritage of northern living, this special town offers a dynamic and memorable setting for any event. By understanding the target market, showcasing the city’s offerings, maintaining a strong online presence, and collaborating with local organizations, it can emerge as a sought-after destination for winter festivities. Event planners seeking an authentic and culturally rich experience need look no further than the welcoming embrace of Prince George during the winter months.

Why Host Your Event in Prince George, British Columbia

As the “Northern Capital” of British Columbia, Prince George embodies the merging of urban sophistication with the raw beauty of the Canadian wilderness. Located at the confluence of the Fraser and Nechako Rivers, Prince George is a hotspot for business, culture, and nature alike. With established event facilities set amidst the city’s natural beauty, Prince George offers a stunning canvas for events of all scales. 

The location you choose for your event has a big impact on your attendees’ overall experience. It affects who both comes and your ability to connect with different demographics, while also influencing funding and venue options. Picking the right location lets you create an atmosphere that speaks to your target audience, directly affecting how successful your event will be. Here is why you should consider hosting your next event in Dawson Creek:

Outdoor Recreation Economy 

Nestled in the heart of British Columbia’s wilderness, Prince George is a hotspot for outdoor activities. From hiking and fishing to skiing and snowboarding, the region’s outdoor recreation economy is thriving. Hosting an event here means integrating these natural experiences, giving attendees a unique blend of adventure and relaxation.

Cultural Hub of the North 

Prince George is renowned for its rich cultural tapestry. The city is home to various theatres, galleries, and museums that celebrate its indigenous roots and contemporary art scene. An event in Prince George’s can seamlessly blend cultural experiences, adding depth and richness to the attendee’s experience.

Educational Epicenter 

With the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) and the College of New Caledonia (CNC) within its precincts, Prince George stands as a hub of education and research. Events centred around academic, research, or innovation themes, can benefit from this educational atmosphere, drawing in scholars, students, and innovators.


The Prince George Airport (YXS) facilitates multiple daily flights to major cities, ensuring easy accessibility for attendees coming from afar. Additionally, with train services connecting the region and easy access from Highway 16 and Highway 97, the city is a convenient nexus for both national and international guests. This robust connectivity ensures that attendees have a seamless journey, making Prince George an attractive event destination.

Access to Funding 

Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) like Discover West Tourism offer funding that boosts rural tourism in British Columbia. One of these approved rural locations is Prince George, allowing you to apply to receive funding or sponsorship that supports your local event and/or utilizes our sponsored marketing campaigns. 

Discover West Tourism invests in local entrepreneurs, sporting and cultural events and marketing initiatives. To apply for event funding, communicate how your event will help boost destination awareness, promote the local economy, and bring together businesses and consumers.

Tips for a Successful Small-Town Event

A group of event volunteers and organizers work together to plan an event.

Organizing a community event involves managing numerous intricate components. From budgeting to selecting entertainment, there are a plethora of tasks to tackle. Whether you’re coordinating corporate events or preparing for a small-town festival, these tips will help you host an unforgettable gathering that will be the talk of the town. Once you’ve decided on the basics of your event, these tips can help ensure that it is a roaring success!

Here are our insider tips on securing festival grants, executing successful small-town events, and throwing a lively community function, from Discover West Tourism.

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Events Happening in Prince George This Summer

A woman walks through an outdoor market during the summertime.

It’s time to start planning some fun to fill our summers, and Prince George, B.C. offers a plethora of activities to choose from. From family-friendly activities to artisan markets, this charming city is sure to keep you and your family entertained all summer long. Here are some of the exciting events happening in Prince George this summer:

The Monster Obstacle Course


June 23 to 25


Exhibition Park Rodeo Field



Prince George, meet the Monster! The Monster is the world’s biggest inflatable obstacle course – 1,000 ft long and over 40 obstacles. The Monster is the brainchild of a UK company and has since sold out in countries across the world. Participants must be 7+ years of age and a minimum of 3 ft. tall to run the course, and a parent/ guardian must accompany any child under the age of 15. 

Artisan Summer Night Market


July 6 and Aug. 17


15th Ave, Prince George



Enjoy a night out on the town, browsing through an array of vendors and experiencing the best-curated artisanal products. Prince George’s artisan summer markets are a must-visit for anyone looking to indulge in unique and locally crafted goods. These markets showcase the talents of local artisans, providing a platform for them to showcase their creativity and connect with the community. 

Kids Carnival


July 15


Hubble Homestead



Grab your party hats kids, the annual Kids Carnival is back for another year! Hosted at the Hubble Homestead, this family-friendly event will feature hourly magic shows from William the Conjurer, carnival games with guaranteed prizes, arts and crafts with Two Rivers Gallery, story times from the Prince George Public Library, and even a mini railway! Other activities will include making (and of course, eating!) ice cream, and a treasure hunt that will see you and your little ones embark on an adventure. Tickets are available at!

Love Local Night Market


July 19


Ospika Blvd, Prince George



Come on down for a night of community and market browsing! All profits from the Love Local Night Market will go to the Prince George Community Foundation Ukrainian Humanitarian Support Fund. With delicious eats from a wide array of food vendors including cultural favourites and sweet treats plus a ton of local small business vendors, this event has something for everyone. 

Prince George is teeming with exciting things to do this summer, so get out there and have some fun! At Discover West Tourism, we’re dedicated to supporting local events that drive tourism to Western Canada – contact us to learn more about receiving funding for events in Prince George.

How to Find Funding for Events in Prince George, B.C.

A bartender pours a glass of wine during an event in Prince George. Find how to access funding for events in Prince George.

Planning and organizing events in Prince George, British Columbia requires careful consideration of various factors. One crucial aspect is securing adequate funding. Here’s everything you need to know about securing tourism funding in Prince George. From where and how to apply, and how the funds can be utilized to make your event a resounding success.

Discover West Tourism offers ongoing funding in Prince George for local events and initiatives that promote tourism in this historic town. Previous events sponsored by Discover West have included exciting adventure activities, like events for the Peace Motocross Association.

We’re dedicated to supporting travel experiences in Prince George and throughout the vast landscapes of western Canada. Each year, Alberta and British Columbia see millions of tourists. Our mission is to ensure that exploring the rural marvels of these regions becomes a staple of touring the great white north. 

Prince George’s attractions offer an idealistic tour of rural B.C. – with a modern winery indicative of the province’s premium wine status and multiple provincial parks. 

Why Apply for Funding?

Securing funding for your event brings a multitude of benefits. By securing funding for local events and initiatives, you contribute to the growth of local tourism, and in turn, the local economy. Additionally, you receive increased brand exposure. Your brand or initiative becomes associated with events enjoyed by your community. 

How to Apply for Funding for Events:

To apply for tourism funding, navigate to the “Request Funding” section. Here, you will find detailed information about the available programs, application procedures, and contact information for any inquiries you may have.

How Funding Can Be Used:

Discover West Tourism’s funding can be used in various ways relating to the travel and tourism industry in Prince George. Discover West is equipped to provide funding for different types of initiatives, including:



Help us bring communities together with the power of organized sport. Host exciting tournaments and join the Discover West Tourism team.



Memorable events deserve easy discovery. Let us fund your event as the talk of the town.



Has the cost of tourism marketing stunted your advertising opportunities? Join our sponsored marketing campaigns as a Discover West partner.


Before filling out your application for funding, make sure to choose the initiative that best suits your needs. Or, clearly communicate your idea in your message if it’s not listed.

We’ve also supported Prince George’s tourism by sponsoring events ranging from the Prince George Triathalon to events for the Prince George Minor Basketball Association. Funding can also be used to support a variety of other areas such as covering event infrastructure fees, allocating funds for marketing purposes, investing in event amenities, and much more. 

For more information on accessing funding for your event or initiative in Fort St. John, feel free to contact Discover West Tourism.