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Explore Kananaskis – Kananaskis Country Golf

Explore Kananaskis - Kananaskis Country Golf

Shortly after we finished our delicious dinner on the amazing patio (perhaps the best in Alberta golf, I might add) at the Kananaskis Country Golf Course, the sun dipped below the snow-streaked peak of Mount Kidd and the temperature cooled. We took a photo, or twelve, and collectively made the decision to head inside to the fire-warmed lounge and close out the day with a single-malt Scotch. It was a good call. The perfect way to close out an awesome day of golf!

True, there are many courses in Alberta where an awesome day of golf can readily be had. Our province is peppered with wonderful golf experiences. In Alberta, we’ve got prairie golf, badlands golf, parkland golf, foothills golf, urban golf, farmer golf (don’t ask), and, yes, mountain golf galore. And, speaking of that particular genre, the Kananaskis Country Golf Course – thanks to its 36 holes of Robert Trent Jones Sr.-designed golf  – is at the top of the food chain.  

For me, and thousands of other Albertans, a day (or twelve) of riveting Rocky Mountain golf in Kananaskis Country is a yearly ritual. Try as I might, I cannot and will not ever tire of going to KC to smack it around with some good company. (Tip: Leave your bad company at home.) 

Simply put, the Kananaskis Country Golf Course is the quintessential Canadian Rockies golf experience! It’s as good as mountain golf gets. And here’s why…

For starters, both courses – Mount Kidd and Mount Lorette – are seamlessly routed along the Kananaskis River and the terrain, while completely encased by mountains, is not actually that severe in nature. On many mountain courses it’s next to impossible to find a flat lie and the terrain is just too wild and rugged for good golf. Not so at Kananaskis! When you first peer over the edge of the bluff – and see this exquisite ground for golf holes – you’ll see what I mean. It’s like the Creator herself sculpted this land specifically for golf! Acres of perfect pines, reflection ponds, spirited creeks, and gently sloping terrain is what you’ll see. 

Another great aspect is the wide playing corridors and massive greens. True, these courses are not pushovers. Anything but! However, anyone can play them. From the regular tee markers, the challenge is totally appropriate for the average recreational player. And, certainly, beginners can also have fun from the forward tees and the highly-skilled scratch-type players will have a world-class test from the back.

The visuals, of course, are breathtaking. Everywhere you look fairways flirt with creeks and greens sit snug at the base of soaring mountains. It’s eye-candy in every direction! The colour schemes of bright-green turf, white-silica sand, silver-streaked rock, and baby-blue sky are phenomenal. Trust me, your phone camera will get plenty of use. 

And, naturally, the little extras and add-ons – the awesome customer service, the outstanding driving range and practice area, the impeccable turf conditions, the half-way huts, the delicious food, and the overall value, to name a few – truly make the golf experience at Kananaskis one to savour. 

Appropriately, on my last couple of trips to the course, my wife and I have made the “correct” decision to simplify things: we’ve overnighted at the nearby Pomeroy Kananaskis Lodge. This way, of course, we don’t have to worry about driving back to Calgary. And we can close the day out right: savouring a single-malt and watching the sun blaze a red trail over the mighty ramparts of Mount Kidd.      

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