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How to Make Kananaskis a Winter Event Destination

The beauty of Kananaskis reaches an all time high as colder months approach and it becomes a magical, winter wonderland. Nestled in the stunning Canadian Rockies, Kananaskis offers a unique blend of natural beauty and modern amenities, making it an ideal choice for hosting winter events.

Here are some tips on how to make Kananaskis the go-to destination for winter festivities.

Know Your Market

Understanding your target audience is the first step in successfully attracting event organizers to Kananaskis. With its breathtaking landscapes and diverse recreational opportunities, Kananaskis draws a wide range of visitors. Its short commute to Calgary as well as the vast activities on offer, make it accessible to a broad demographic. Winter events, such as corporate retreats and outdoor celebrations, are highly sought after. By tailoring marketing strategies to resonate with the demographics prevalent in Kananaskis, you can efficiently reach your intended audience.

Showcase What Kananaskis Has to Offer

Kananaskis truly has everything someone looking to host an event could possibly want, the stunning backdrop is an added bonus on top of everything else. The region boasts over 4,000 square kilometers of pristine wilderness, a dream backdrop for winter events. Recent investments in local infrastructure include world-class resorts, such as the Kananaskis Mountain Lodge and Kananaskis Nordic Spa, both state of the art facilities with diverse offerings. Kananaskis is home to countless trails for winter activities like skiing and snowshoeing, making it an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Highlighting these amenities, along with information on local accommodations, transportation, and dining options, is essential in convincing potential attendees that Kananaskis has all the elements for a memorable winter event.

Internet Identity

In the digital age, a robust online presence is crucial to attract event visitors. Prospective guests researching local events to attend rely heavily on online information. Event organizers should leverage social media platforms and an engaging website to showcase its cultural offerings, winter festivals, and the unique experiences it offers. An up-to-date and easily accessible online presence ensures that those planning to attend your event can find the information they need to make Kananaskis their preferred winter cultural destination.

Tap into Discover West Tourism

Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) like Discover West Tourism play a crucial role in promoting rural tourism. Those planning an event can benefit from the funding and sponsorship opportunities offered. By taking actions such as increasing destination awareness, promoting the local economy, and adding to community engagement, you can maximize your event’s visibility and have the opportunity to receive specialized financial support.

Kananaskis’ breathtaking landscapes, mixed with its modern amenities and recreational opportunities, position it as a clear standout for hosting winter events. With a diverse range of activities and a location that allows for both adventure and relaxation, the region offers a dynamic and memorable environment for all types of events.  By understanding the target market, showcasing the region’s offerings, maintaining a strong online presence, and tapping into local tourism support, it can become a top event destination. Event planners seeking a unique and enriching experience need look no further than the exceptional natural beauty and warm hospitality of Kananaskis during the winter months.