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Frequently Asked Questions

Becoming a partner with Discover West means providing spaces for residents to meet, share ideas, and support local businesses all while advertising your business, connecting with consumers, and driving overall traffic to your community. 

Use of the funds will be based on initiatives that help to create, support and develop tourism.

The Discover West Tourism Marketing Fund is used to create, support, and develop tourism initiatives. The funds allow Discover West Tourism to enhance, increase, and diversify year-round tourism in the communities where we operate. Additionally, they allow us to participate, when and where appropriate, in local programs that help promote the region as a tourist destination by creating sustainable funding for tourism marketing. 

The B.C. Provincial sales tax and the Alberta Tourism tax are directed by the government and are legislated. On the other hand, the Discover West Tourism Marketing Fund is individual properties collecting a fee that is then contributed to a marketing fund.  

Receive funding or sponsorship to host a local event, and utilize our sponsored marketing campaigns as a Discover West partner.

Discover West Tourism will work closely with each regional tourism association and regional tourism operators as many of the hotels do already. Some funds will be utilized to supplement existing marketing programs, while some may be used towards community programs within the region.

To apply as a partner with Discover West, choose your initiative from the choices below and complete an application form before waiting to be contacted by one of our representatives.  

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