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Why Host Your Event in Fort St. John, British Columbia

Nestled in the heart of the North Peace Region, Fort St. John, British Columbia is appropriately dubbed “The Energetic City.” The city fuses its rich history with a progressive future, creating a dynamic blend that mixes its established culture with urban amenities. As a resource hub, Fort St. John is home to thriving business, recreation, and educational sectors. Whether you are drawn by its economic vitality or its scenic beauty, Fort St. John promises an engaging and enriching location for any event. 

The location you choose for your event has a big impact on your attendees’ overall experience. It affects who both comes and your ability to connect with different demographics, while also influencing funding and venue options. Picking the right location lets you create an atmosphere that speaks to your target audience, directly affecting how successful your event will be. Here is why you should consider hosting your next event in Fort St. John:

A Young Population

Fort St. John prides itself on its youthful, dynamic demographic. This vibrant community is filled with active, enthusiastic individuals who are eager to engage in local events and experiences. A younger crowd offers an excellent opportunity to tap into the latest trends, making your event contemporary and attractive to a wide range of attendees.


Fort St. John supports a trading area of more than 69,000 people in the city and outlying service region. Strategically located along the famous Alaska Highway, Fort St. John is not just a pass-through city but a significant hub in northern British Columbia. Its prime location ensures easy access and visibility for events. Hosting an event here means tapping into an extensive network of individuals and businesses eager to participate and collaborate.

Social and Economic Development 

Fort St. John boasts a comprehensive Social and Economic Development plan, showcasing its commitment to fostering community growth and prosperity. Events hosted here can leverage this structured development approach, aligning their objectives with the city’s growth vision.

Improved Infrastructure

The city has witnessed impressive infrastructure developments in recent years, from roadworks to event venues. This development guarantees that your event will have access to state-of-the-art facilities and amenities, enhancing its appeal and operational efficiency. Recent developments have included the revitalization of downtown’s above-ground streetscape and upgrades to Kin Park. 

Access to Funding

Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) like Discover West Tourism offer funding that boosts rural tourism in British Columbia. One of these approved rural locations is Fort St. John, allowing you to apply to receive funding or sponsorship that supports your local event and/or utilizes our sponsored marketing campaigns. 

Discover West Tourism invests in local entrepreneurs, sporting and cultural events and marketing initiatives. To apply for event funding, communicate how your event will help boost destination awareness, promote the local economy, and bring together businesses and consumers.