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Why Host Your Event in Kananaskis, Alberta

Kananaskis is the pristine crown jewel of the Rocky Mountains, offering up epic views and recreational activities that epitomize Alberta’s backcountry. For event organizers, choosing Kananaskis means offering attendees an unforgettable blend of adventure and luxury. If you are looking to make a statement with your next event, Kananaskis stands ready to leave a lasting impression.

The location you choose for your event has a big impact on your attendees’ overall experience. It affects who both comes and your ability to connect with different demographics, while also influencing funding and venue options. Picking the right location lets you create an atmosphere that speaks to your target audience, directly affecting how successful your event will be. Here is why Kananaskis may be the perfect place to host your next event: 

Epic Scenery Typical of National Parks

When planning an outdoor event that utilizes or fits in with Alberta’s iconic mountain scenery, many of us immediately think of Banff or Canmore. However, Kananaskis is home to the same– or even greater– epic scenery, at oftentimes less eye-watering prices. This locale frequently serves as an aspirational setting for gatherings to capitalize on its innate natural allure, be it to cultivate serenity or provide a captivating panorama for significant occasions.

Frequent Finance Events

Kananaskis provides an expansive, awe-inspiring backdrop that event organizers frequently utilize for financial conferences and events. Venues like the Pomeroy Kananaskis Mountain Lodge are favourites for hosting business mixers and other corporate events. Previous events have included EDA Xperience 2023 Conference hosted by Economic Developers Alberta and the Business Execution Summit, which was sponsored by Discover West Tourism.

Outdoor Recreation Economy

Kananaskis and recreation go hand in hand, with some of Alberta’s most unique and exciting natural recreational opportunities residing in this wooded wonderland. Kananaskis offers a unique and thrilling environment that aligns perfectly with team-building activities for corporate events and adventurous experiences for larger community gatherings. The benefits of Kananaskis recreation opportunities don’t stop there, either – a 2021 study from the Tourism Industry Association of Alberta (TIAA) discovered that “Alberta’s crown land outdoor recreation economy generates $2.3 billion in trip-related expenditures.” This economic impact underscores the attractiveness of Kananaskis as a destination for events, suggesting that not only will attendees benefit from the rich recreational offerings, but your event itself could tap into a substantial economic boost.


Kananaskis is home to well-established event venues and infrastructure, offering a nature-centric option that comfortably places your event attendees amidst some of Alberta’s finest natural settings. These options allow you to seamlessly integrate your event into the beauty of Alberta’s landscape, creating a harmonious blend of sophistication and allure.

All of Kananaksis’ event venues are unavoidably surrounded by hiking trails, alpine lakes and towering mountain peaks – meaning that placing your attendees both in nature and close to important amenities could not get any easier. 

Access to Funding

Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) like Discover West Tourism offer funding that boosts rural tourism in Alberta. One of these approved rural locations is Kananaskis, allowing you to apply to receive funding or sponsorship that supports your local event and/or utilizes our sponsored marketing campaigns. 

Discover West Tourism invests in local entrepreneurs, sporting and cultural events and marketing initiatives. To apply for event funding, communicate how your event will help boost destination awareness, promote the local economy, and bring together businesses and consumers.